Derren Brown: Miracle

WARNING: At the request of Derren himself, no journalist or reviewer is permitted to reveal any of the tricks performed during the show. However, this review does make reference to evangelical faith healing and other such things, due to the show theme. In 2011, Brown released a show on Channel 4 called ‘Miracles for Sale’... Continue Reading →


The Secret Life of a Fangirl

The Secret Life of a Fangirl Fan culture plays a large part in any society, no matter the country you look at. It has existed for as long as can be remembered for all different types of media ranging from art, opera and theatre, films, books and even people such as celebrities. Yet, there exists... Continue Reading →

Hello, and welcome to my blog!

This blog is going to be a place where I share my work throughout my time spent at college, and afterwards. Please feel free to request pieces for me to try my hand at writing and to give me feedback as I go, as this is meant to be a learning experience for me. Other... Continue Reading →

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