Captain America: Civil War

The most important film of this year graced our screens on the 29th of April, beating box office records left, right and center – including those for DC’s recent superhero combo film Batman VS Superman. That’s right, I’m talking about Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War.


This film is the perfect beginning of the end for the Avengers as we know them, which we all know will be happening in the (due to be re-titled) Infinity Wars films where – I hope – the New/Young Avengers will take over. I absolutely need this to contain Kate Bishop if they do, because she is the sass machine that will hold the group together. Bonus, she has a really cute dog called Lucky!

Civil War was beautifully made from start to finish and it succeeded where DC’s Batman vs Superman failed. The politics of each of the heroes did not get in the way of the action sequences and the real human relationships between them all were believably stretched, with the conflict adding a level of depth to the characters that was previously unseen.

The introduction of characters such as Black Panther and Spiderman before their solo films is not only clever, but enjoyable. They were undeniably the stars of the movie, and Tom Holland was and IS the best Spiderman the Marvel Universe has ever, or will ever, know (sorry, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield fans!). Luckily, we get to see more of him now that Sony have finally released the rights back to Marvel – hence the choice of names for the film; Spiderman: Homecoming, subtle dig there Marvel but we noticed 😉 – and we get to explore the dynamic of his relationship with Tony Stark. We also have the best Stan Lee cameo since Deadpool!

If you have not seen this film, please, I beg of you, see it before it leaves cinemas. The humour and actions scenes are well worth it whether you are a fan or not – and if you are then this will honestly be one of the most amazing, heart-breaking and enjoyable experiences that Marvel have to offer so far. All I can say is this: Bring on Infinity Wars, bring on Guardians of the Galaxy 2 because Marvel, we are waiting.captain_america__civil_war_logo_by_touchboyj_hero-d95vgn5.png


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