Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice

2016: The most exciting year for superhero fans everywhere, with the beginning of the end of Marvel’s Phase 2 kicking off with Deadpool and the start of the origin stories for DC’s Justice League, with Batman VS Superman


The superhero film year started off with Marvel’s biggest, baddest antihero; Deadpool, the merc with a mouth. DC swiftly followed with Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice, and for many people, this would be one of the most important films coming up for the next few years as it set up the entire future Justice League storyline, with Batman (Ben Affleck), Superman (Henry Cavill) and Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) leading the charge.

Sadly, this film does not live up to the hype.

Many people will hate me for saying that, many will agree. Critics and fans alike have been split over this film, with some regarding it as the worst DC film to date – even over the CGI Green Lantern fiasco. As a major Marvel fangirl – What a surprise the Marvel fan disliked the DC film! Shush! – I didn’t expect much of this movie compared to Marvel films and I was right to expect that.

Marvel spent four years (2008-2012) and five films putting together a coherent cast of heroes, with their origin stories and backgrounds already set up in previous films, BEFORE bringing them all together to form the Avengers. DC tried to do this in two movies – Man of Steel and Batman VS Superman – without explaining Affleck’s Batman backstory beforehand (although I admit it is one of the most well-known of all comic heroes) with a villain who sadly wasn’t interesting.

I respect Jesse Eisenberg as an actor, I really do, and he has been in some of my favourite films – Zombieland, anyone? – But he had some pretty big Villain shoes to fill after Heath Ledger’s past performances, not that anyone would’ve expected Jesse to straight off the bat. That was not meant to be pun, I swear.

Wonder Woman was pretty much the saving grace of this film, because she did her thing whilst the boys butted heads. Batman was pretty single minded (DUMB) and unyielding, and Superman just did not want to be Super. This whole film was lacking something vital which all Marvel films have and I certainly don’t believe this has the replay-ability of other films, but I’m optimistic for DC’s future with Suicide Squad and sincerely hope DC fans get the Justice League they deserve.

Below: The proposed order of all Marvel and DC movies for the coming years

deadpool timeline


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